Saturday, June 4, 2011

What is a "foodie"?

Ahhh yes, what a great question!  This was my very question when I was accused of  being a "foodie" by a co-worker last year.  Perhaps if I lived in San Francisco or Chicago at some point in my life, I might know what this term meant, but I didn't.  I was offended at first, thinking that it associated me with being someone who eats too much, but much to my surprise, that was not the definition of this term.  As I understand it, a "foodie" is one who:

1)  Does not enjoy eating any food that comes from a restaurant in which you can drive up to and get your dinner through a window from a teenager with a microphone on their head

2)  Has not enjoyed a hot dog since they were 6 years old

3)  Understands the different herbs and flavors in food, makes noises when they get a pop of such flavors, and have to announce to the table of their friends what the "secret ingredient" is

4)  Is terrified of any food that comes in a can, sauces that are packaged in a packet, eggs or meat that expand when mixed with hot water

I do believe that the list can go on and on, but basically my co-worker accused me of being a "food snob."  Thank you anonymous...

But I must say, that when you have had good food and enjoy eating healthy and you are a bit of a picky person in general, "foodie" just might suite you for a definition quite well!

We live in a small city, Colorado Springs, a far cry from the culinary adventure that one might find in the larger cities, but there are still plenty of restaurant owners that have moved her to pursue their dreams of living at the bottom of a 14,000 foot mountain and cooking up their favorite dishes.  We have plenty of privately owned restaurants here in town to explore and it is something that my husband and I love to do.  Join us as we take you on our "undercover" foodie journey throughout Colorado Springs, to bring you the best recommended restaurants in town.  And from there, we might venture reports to you in our travels...

Eating with you soon...

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